2016 Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide!

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Looking for that perfect gift to give? Looking for the top trends and items to add to YOUR holiday wish list? Check out The Carousel Horse's 2016 Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide - ideas courtesy of those who know our products best, our employees!

Nicki Thoma - Accounting

Favorite stocking stuffers:

EquiFUSE Gleam - Who doesn't love a shiny mane and tail? Your horse would really appreciate it! All of the EquiFUSE products make wonderful stocking stuffers!




Horze Happy Face Brush This brush is perfect for sensitive areas of your horse’s face, ears, and neck.  Attractive print makes a statement in any grooming tote. Part of the Happy Horze collection.



Uncle Jimmy’s Big Licky - A delicious horse treat created to give your horse the same fun, entertaining value as Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Balls, but with less mess and stickiness.



Favorite gifts to give:

Noble Outfitters Wine Down Corkscrew Noble Outfitters has put a new twist on the old hoof pick - a corkscrew! A great gift for your favorite horse person and fellow wine-o!




Noble Outfitters On the Bit Bracelet - An adjustable bracelet highlighting a beautifully crafted snaffle bit on the front. The padding detail comes in four different combinations to wear for any occasion - from street to stable!




Ariat Ring Backpack - This bag is the jack-of-all-trades! Helmet sling, crop holder, laptop/tablet sleeve, cell phone access and charger pockets, insulated bottle pocket, hot/cold pack, spur ring, organizer pocket panels and wet/dirty clothes pocket! Any horse person will LOVE this!


Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

HKM Roma Loop Scarf - The PERFECT fashion scarf, pairs with just about any outfit! Super soft and comfy!



Ariat Arrow Graphic Tee - I LOVE this tee! And you will too. A great, trendy jersey tee to wear just about anywhere!




Beth Bolin - Merchandising

Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

OneK Helmets - I am a huge fan of the ONE K helmets and Carousel has a great selection to choose from.  The helmets are lightweight, have a low profile that looks great on everyone and a style for every discipline of riding.  Whatever your style, be it bling or a little more reserved ONE K has the perfect option for every rider


Tredstep Boots - I have difficulty finding a tall boot that fits properly...until I tried Tredstep. The boots fit perfectly, broke in beautifully after only a few days and have held up through lots of time in the saddle.  A nicely priced boot with a great fit!



Holly Smail - Online Product Manager

Favorite stocking stuffers:

German Horse Muffins - Don't forget about your favorite pony or horse during the holidays!  The sweet, chewy muffins are a mix of sweet feed and molasses with added nutrients.  These are our best selling treat, and they are all natural and made in the USA.  



Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

Ovation Alistair Boot - These boots are stylish and useful for everything from the barn to shopping. The lace up the sides is great for people who need a wider calf size as they will open up to give an inch or two more space. The mix of black and brown leather is perfect for matching all colors. As a bonus, they are fully waterproof!


Joules Warmheart Quilted Feather Down Jacket - I love the deep, vibrant teal color with the pop of gold zippers and buttons on this coat. The photos just don't do it justice. It is lightweight enough for a nice fall day, but the down/feather fill will keep you warm for a colder winter day!



Ariat REAL Riding Jeans – Featuring the Skinny Whipstich - Skinny jeans are wonderful for winter when you are wearing boots to stomp through the snow. No more having to fold and shove your bootcut jeans into your boots! With Ariat being a riding and a fashion company, these jeans are perfect for riding or for wearing out to dinner. They fit like designer jeans, and you can't beat the price for nice denim. Plus, they have that perfect amount of stretch without stretching out!

Renee Stearns - Customer Service

Favorite stocking stuffers:

Gift Horse Candles - The "barn" themed scented candles remind every equestrian of their favorite places; from the trails, to the fields, to the hay loft.


Favorite gifts to give:

Custom Engraving - An engraved Perri's Leather bracelet with yours or your horse's name on it because it's personal and can be worn with just about any outfit. (in store only). Other engraving options are available online.

Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

Paul & Lydia Wallet - I like to replace my wallet every few years, this one is so cute and has so many slots for credit cards, gift cards, and rewards cards. I love the design and feel of the outer material of the wallet. Paul and Lydia makes items that coordinate, so be sure to check out their other items too!


Kim Sasse - Owner

Favorite stocking stuffers:

Willie Bakery’s line of Winter / Seasonal Treats - New seasonal treats just in from Willie Bakery, such as Frosty Biscotti, SnowCream Muffins, and Horseshoe Cookies to fill the stockings at the barn!



Favorite gifts to give:

Old World Christmas Ornaments –  They are lovely, glittering pieces of art to hang on your tree and a treasured keepsake for years to come.




Ogilvy Baby Pad - Its unique design means it stays where it needs to without rubbing, is protected with stain resistance and is anti-bacterial / anti fungal on the inside.  Plus, dries quickly after use and wicks moisture away from your horse’s back..  Super fun to play with all the color combinations available, but Carousel has tons of in-stock options ready to ship immediately.

Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

Noble Outfitters Element Cowl – The perfect shirt for all occasions; casual Fridays at work with a pair of jeans and boots, or with your favorite tights for a comfy Sunday at home.




Kerrits Horseplay Vest - Not just your basic black vest, this vest is quilted with a chevron and horse stitching to give it lovely detail.  It’s slim, flattering fit won’t add bulk, just warmth and style.  Perfect for stable to street!

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Winter Barn Hacks

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By Maggie Carty

It’s BAAAACK! The dreaded winter cold – snow, ice, below freezing temps. For most of us across the country, we will experience some of Mother Nature’s wintery impact. For the rest of you, who continue to bask in the sun – we are eternally jealous! To ease some of the winter pain, we offer you the following barn hacks:

  1. Horses need on average about 12 gallons of water daily, regardless of the temperature outside, and unless you enjoy destroying your hands breaking ice you need to invest in a heated bucket. Would you rather spend 50$ or wonder if your horse has frozen water? Even if you break the ice, it will still refreeze – this bucket kicks on automatically when the temperature drops, and the cord tucks away easily on the bottom so your four-legged friend doesn’t find a wire as a snack.
  2. One of the worst parts about tacking up in the winter is putting on a cold bridle. Wear yours under your jacket while grooming and tacking to warm your bit up.
  3. Dedicate one jacket as “barn coat.” Keep your “human” clothes clean and buy one warm, water repellent, breathable coat for riding and working in the barn.  This one from Horseware opens in the back to sit comfortably in the saddle and has a striking diagonal zipper and red trim.
  4. Wear panty hose or Under Armour beneath your breeches. It is an insulating layer that doesn’t add any bulk.
  5. Spend extra time warming up before any intense flatwork or jumping, the cold temperatures can make muscles stiff and minor injuries or arthritis more painful.
  6. Upgrade your horse’s turnout blanket to keep her warm and clean during the cold season. Weatherbeeta has many different color, pattern, and weight options.
  7. Use old mate less socks as tail bags to keep mud and ice balls out of your horse’s tail.
  8. The frigid temperatures put your tack at risk for cracking if it is not oiled properly, Fiebings Neatsfoot Oil keeps your leather soft and supple.
  9. Finally – when you are frustrated and frozen, think about where you would like to be sixth months from now with your riding progress. Use this winter to finesse your skillset and set your summertime horse show goals!

About our guest blogger: Maggie Carty is a Senior at Seton Hill University, studying Communications. She is a member of their IHSA team, competing in the Intermediate division. Maggie is the Social Media Intern for The Carousel Horse.

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It’s Cold – Mash it Up!

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new_beginnings_1 This week, most of the United States is experiencing a deep freeze. Even places in Florida have reached the freezing mark, while some of us Northerners are struggling with below zero temps and crazy winds. Unfortunately, for equestrians, this can halt your riding and training routines, and it makes barn work a pure struggle. Through the winter we hear – How cold is too cold to ride? Are lessons on today? Will my horse be turned out? And while it is often times a personal choice (my ‘too cold’ is different than your ‘too cold’), one thing is for certain – we have to keep in mind the comfort and health of our four-footed friends. And honestly, a day off here or there won’t hurt (you may just need an extra lunge before your next lesson). So today, because it is actually 0º, not including the wind-chill, I think we should all treat our ponies and horses to a delicious, warm bran mash. Here is one of my favorite recipes. Give it a try for an afternoon snack! I like to use beet pulp – mainly because we have it regularly available at the barn, and it is a better fiber source than bran itself.
  • ¼ - ½ bucket of dehydrated beet pulp, cover with boiling water (use about twice as much water as you have beet pulp) and let it soak an hour or two – it will still be warm, especially if you keep it covered with a towel in the tack room or feed room.
  • Cut up carrots and apples and add them to the warm beet pulp mixture.
  • Have some mints or left over candy canes from Christmas? Drop those into the bucket as well!
  • I also add a handful of oats or sweet feed to the bucket.
  • Mix! (a LARGE wooden spoon or sweat scraper will do the trick)
  • Serve! This will make about a bucket, so there is PLENTY to share throughout the barn. I usually give about a scoop per horse.
Stay warm, friends!

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