What Do You Need for Horse Camp?

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Summer is here, and pony camps are starting! Is your horse-crazy child prepared for everything this fun week might bring? 

Horse camp is so much more than riding! They may be taking part in horse care activities including bathing, feeding and stall cleaning. It is important that they are dressed appropriately and safely for their daily activities. Use our horse camp checklist to make sure your child is geared up and ready to go!

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June 2017 Educational Seminar Recap: Equine Gastric Health

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The Carousel Horse welcome Elaina Eppinger, Purina Animal Nutrition Lifestyle Product Specialist, and Kayla Burgess of the Pittsburgh Agway Group as they presented a fun, interactive seminar on Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

Their presentation touched on a variety of topics including contributing factors associated with gastric discomfort:

Environment/stress related

  • Elevated exercise level and intensity
  • Performance and racing
  • Hectic training environment
  • Nervous disposition
  • Trailering
  • Lack of turnout
  • Lack of direct contact with other horses
  • Talk radio (vs. music) playing in barn
  • Thoroughbred breed
  • Previous gastric ulcer diagnosis

    Management/diet related

    • Lack of pasture access
    • Fasting
    • Large meals with high starch content
    • Greater than 6 hours between meals
    • Inadequate forage quality and quantity
    • Stall kept or on stall rest
    • Water deprivation/intermittent access
    • Use of paste electrolytes or electrolytes in water
    • Use of NSAIDs for a prolonged period of time

      Signs associated with gastric discomfort

      • Poor appetite
      • Picky eating
      • Poor body condition
      • Weight loss
      • Chronic diarrhea
      • Poor coat condition
      • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
      • Behavioral changes
        • Aggression
        • Nervous behaviors
        • Side biting
        • “Girthiness”
      • Acute or recurrent colic
      • Poor performance

        Treatment and management tips

        • Anticipate stressful events (such as travel, competition or intense training)
        • Provide a peaceful environment for your horse, eliminate excessive traffic and noise in the barn
        • Provide as much turnout as possible, preferably with one or more horses
        • Provide enrichment items, such as toys and mirrors
        • Keep a regular schedule for feeding, grooming, exercise etc.
        • Provide continuous access to clean fresh water
        • Avoid the use of paste and water soluble electrolytes
        • Practice good parasite control
        • Always consult with your veterinarian before administering NSAIDs
        • Utilize slow-feeder hay nets if horses are stalled

          Feeding management recommendations

          • Never allow more than 6 hours of fasting
          • Provide frequent access to good quality hay and pasture
          • Incorporate alfalfa hay into the diet
          • 1-2 lbs at regular 5-6 hour intervals
          • Feed small frequent meals (3 to 6 per day)
          • Provide continuous access to water

            If you missed out on this seminar, be sure to follow us on social media for announcements on upcoming events at the store.

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            Have You Jumped on the Ogilvy Train, Yet?

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            Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen all the hype around the latest and greatest in equine back protection – the Ogilvy pad! And I’ll be honest, we can’t keep them on the shelves! As soon as a shipment comes in, out the door they go (not complaining), and that doesn’t even include all of the custom pads we order for our customers. So, why all the hype?

            1. Ultimate Solution: Our customers tell us that these pads are actually the ultimate solution! Let’s be honest, not every horse owner has the budget for a custom saddle, let alone a custom saddle per horse! Ogilvy pads allow for freedom of movement, reduction of friction and rubbing and helps to distribute saddle pressure more evenly. Overall, they find that it helps create a better saddle fit, especially when you ride multiple horses of varying shapes and sizes.
            2. Customizable: You want a specific color, or colors? You want it monogrammed? Ogilvy pads allow you to do just that! With about every color under the sun, you can customize the pad, the piping and binding colors to be as loud or as conservative as you want!
            3. Family Owned Business: Being a small, local, family-owned business ourselves, we absolutely appreciate and admire what the Ogilvy Equestrian brand has become! When you call to place your order, you get to talk to one of the owners/operators/designers! The company is based out of Canada and the products are made in Canada. 
            4. Durability: The products have been around for a few years now, but have certainly exploded recently with endorsements from top riders on the circuit and word of mouth through social media. Our customers tell us that they are more than impressed with the durability of these pads - no breakdown of the memory foam, and the pad cover holds up to the daily grind of multiple rides and washing.
            5. Options: Ogilvy Equestrian doesn’t just produce half pads. They have a full line of quality saddle pads and baby pads as well. 
              1. Hunter riders: we know you cannot use your half pad in the show ring. Ogilvy has a hunter show pad with all the bells and whistles of the half pad!
              2. Dressage riders: Ogilvy has developed half pads and saddle pads specifically for you!
              3. Eventers: a whole new line of saddle pads has been developed – memory foam and friction free!
              4. Western riders: they haven’t forgotten about you. A pad for you is in the works!
              Have you ridden in an Ogilvy yet? On our website you can see what color combos we have in stock, or order your custom pad. You won’t be disappointed.

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              Stay Visible. Stay Safe. Trail Riding Tips for Fall

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              photo (2) Trail riding – it is certainly one of my favorite equine-related activities, especially in the fall! Honestly, nothing beats a Saturday morning ride in October: crisp air, colorful trees, leaves crunching beneath the horse’s feet, and the dew on the grass. And although for equestrians, this may be a favorite time to ride, for hunters, this is also a favorite time to, well, hunt. So before you tack up and ride out, keep in mind these few safety tips: Dress your horse brightly – even though the hunter/jumper world is often about conservative colors, fall trail riding should be the exception to this rule. Choose brightly colored saddle pads and protective boots to dress your horse. Quarter sheets often come in brighter colors, and can be useful on cooler days as well. You can even add a colorful ribbon to their tails. 19415_RSOR__58459_zoom pocketpad15820__05004_zoom Choose your outfit wisely – your brown insulated jacket or vest will certainly keep you warm, but it will not keep you visible. Swap out your super conservative schooling attire for something bright! If you don’t have another option, you may even consider purchasing a reflective, pull-over vest, specifically for trail riding.


              Keep a calendar – ask your barn manager to post a calendar of the dates hunting season runs in your area. There is likely a safe day of the week (usually Sunday) or time of the day for riders to head out. Stay on marked trails – as fun as it is to go “trail-blazing,” fall is not the time to do it. Stay on cleared trails that you are familiar with. This lessens your chance of running across a hunter in a tree-stand who will likely be less than thrilled you are there. In addition, and this should go without saying, watch for signage. If an area of your woods is clearly marked “No Trespassing,” avoid it. Haul out – if the property around your barn is not trail-friendly, or your concern during hunting season is heightened, consider hauling out to a local park where hunting is not permitted. This is a great way to enjoy the weather and your colorful surroundings safely. Ride smart. Ride safe. Fall is a wonderful season that we as horse owners need to soak up, because it only means the dreaded winter is around the corner. Take advantage of all the fall riding activities around you; hunter paces, fox hunting, trail riding, and more!

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