June 2017 Educational Seminar Recap: Equine Gastric Health

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The Carousel Horse welcome Elaina Eppinger, Purina Animal Nutrition Lifestyle Product Specialist, and Kayla Burgess of the Pittsburgh Agway Group as they presented a fun, interactive seminar on Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

Their presentation touched on a variety of topics including contributing factors associated with gastric discomfort:

Environment/stress related

  • Elevated exercise level and intensity
  • Performance and racing
  • Hectic training environment
  • Nervous disposition
  • Trailering
  • Lack of turnout
  • Lack of direct contact with other horses
  • Talk radio (vs. music) playing in barn
  • Thoroughbred breed
  • Previous gastric ulcer diagnosis

    Management/diet related

    • Lack of pasture access
    • Fasting
    • Large meals with high starch content
    • Greater than 6 hours between meals
    • Inadequate forage quality and quantity
    • Stall kept or on stall rest
    • Water deprivation/intermittent access
    • Use of paste electrolytes or electrolytes in water
    • Use of NSAIDs for a prolonged period of time

      Signs associated with gastric discomfort

      • Poor appetite
      • Picky eating
      • Poor body condition
      • Weight loss
      • Chronic diarrhea
      • Poor coat condition
      • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
      • Behavioral changes
        • Aggression
        • Nervous behaviors
        • Side biting
        • “Girthiness”
      • Acute or recurrent colic
      • Poor performance

        Treatment and management tips

        • Anticipate stressful events (such as travel, competition or intense training)
        • Provide a peaceful environment for your horse, eliminate excessive traffic and noise in the barn
        • Provide as much turnout as possible, preferably with one or more horses
        • Provide enrichment items, such as toys and mirrors
        • Keep a regular schedule for feeding, grooming, exercise etc.
        • Provide continuous access to clean fresh water
        • Avoid the use of paste and water soluble electrolytes
        • Practice good parasite control
        • Always consult with your veterinarian before administering NSAIDs
        • Utilize slow-feeder hay nets if horses are stalled

          Feeding management recommendations

          • Never allow more than 6 hours of fasting
          • Provide frequent access to good quality hay and pasture
          • Incorporate alfalfa hay into the diet
          • 1-2 lbs at regular 5-6 hour intervals
          • Feed small frequent meals (3 to 6 per day)
          • Provide continuous access to water

            If you missed out on this seminar, be sure to follow us on social media for announcements on upcoming events at the store.

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            July 2016 Educational Seminar Recap: Equine Law

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            The Carousel Horse was honored to welcome Attorney Nancy Williams during our seminar, Equine Law: Best Practices for Owners, Buyers, Riders and Stable Managers.

            In partnership with James Hannon, their firm, Williams & Hannon, PLLC, represents individuals and businesses in both horse-related transactional and litigation matters. Clients range from stables to stallion syndicates, and have experience in handling boarding contracts, purchase agreements, liability waivers and more.

            Nancy's presentation covered a variety of topics, including:

            1. Purchase and Sale Agreements
            2. Bill of Sale
            3. International Purchase
            4. Lease Agreements
            5. Pre-purchase Exam (co-presented by: Dr. Jane Kennedy, Harmony Equine Veterinary Services)
            6. Boarding Agreements
            7. Agister's Liens
            8. Training Agreements
            9. Equine Insurance
            10. Liability Release

            Check out some of the video clips and photos from the presentation here, and be sure to follow us on social media for upcoming seminars and events:

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            May 2016 Educational Seminar Recap: Lameness Exam

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            Last month, The Carousel Horse, in partnership with Harmony Equine Veterinary Services, welcomed Dr. Earl Gaughan, DVM of Merck Animal Health, to present an educational seminar on lameness to the local equestrian community.

            With a packed house, Dr. Gaughan shared his extensive expertise on identifying and treating lameness issues. His presentation covered:
            • Diagnostic review between client and veterinarian
            • Elements of a soundness exam
            • Flexion testing
            • Palpation exam
            • Use of technology in identifying issues and treatment

            Dr. Gaughan was a wealth of knowledge, and we had a very active audience for the Q&A session. Check out the video clips and photos from the educational event.

            The Carousel Horse will be hosting more educational events this year. Be sure to check our Events Calendar for more information – and follow us on social media for details as they become available.

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            Thank the Horse Life!

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            18f41cb8240a93ea3263101c9927dc23 November is the month we take to reflect on and give thanks to all the people, places and things that have helped mold us into who we are today. This horse life has shaped us. We are forever in debt to these amazing animals who have galloped through our dreams and left hoof prints on our hearts. Give thanks. Thank your horse – he is your best friend, your confidant, and the one who can undeniably put a smile on your face even after the worst day. You are a team. You work together – not as individuals. Thank him for keeping you safe while on his back. Thank him for giving his all with each and every step. Thank him for trusting you. Thank him for everything he brings to your life to make it whole. Thank your trainers – daily, weekly or monthly your trainer works with you to help you achieve your goals. They want you to succeed just as much as you do. They instill their knowledge and skills upon you to not only grow you as riders, but as quality horsemen. Thank them for all they do to help you end every ride on a good note. Thank your parents – for those of us who got “hooked” on this equestrian drug at a young age, there is no one more deserving of a ‘thank you’ than your parents. They have supported you and helped fund this sport from the beginning. They are your biggest cheerleaders and support system. We would absolutely be nowhere if it wasn’t for them. Thank your barn pals – these people accept and contribute to your ‘horse crazy’ personality. They are 100% OK with your OCD quirks and look out for the well-being of your horse when you aren’t around. Horse people are good people. They are some of the best friends I have ever made. They make group lessons fun! They make horse showing memorable! Your barn friends do not compare to any others. Thank your barn owner and manager – for those of us who board our horse, we rely on others to provide the best care possible for our four-footed friends. Their jobs aren’t easy. Early mornings and late nights coupled with keeping ALL owners happy makes for long days, every day. Thank them. They put up with a lot. Thank your farrier – as the old saying goes ‘no hoof, no horse.’ Thank these hard working men and women for putting up with crazy horses and crazy owners. Thank them for fitting you in first thing in the morning when your horse loses a shoe the day before an event. Thank them for keeping your horse’s feet happy and keeping you in the saddle. Thank your veterinarian – on-call nearly 24 hours a day, these individuals have dedicated their lives to the care and well-being of horses. Thank them. Their job isn’t easy, and at times, as horse owners, we make their job seem impossible. But they help us. They respond when an emergency occurs. They answer our unknowing, and sometimes downright silly questions. They guide us on the right care path for our horse. We need them, our horses need them. Thank your lucky stars – not everyone has the chance to experience this life. Not everyone will get to feel the distinct tickle of the horse’s whiskers on their cheek. Not everyone will know the freedom of galloping through an open field. It is a privilege to be an equestrian. Remember that when you are having an ‘off’ day. Count your blessings and remember that horses are one of them. They complete us like no person or thing ever will.

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