Winter Barn Hacks

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By Maggie Carty

It’s BAAAACK! The dreaded winter cold – snow, ice, below freezing temps. For most of us across the country, we will experience some of Mother Nature’s wintery impact. For the rest of you, who continue to bask in the sun – we are eternally jealous! To ease some of the winter pain, we offer you the following barn hacks:

  1. Horses need on average about 12 gallons of water daily, regardless of the temperature outside, and unless you enjoy destroying your hands breaking ice you need to invest in a heated bucket. Would you rather spend 50$ or wonder if your horse has frozen water? Even if you break the ice, it will still refreeze – this bucket kicks on automatically when the temperature drops, and the cord tucks away easily on the bottom so your four-legged friend doesn’t find a wire as a snack.
  2. One of the worst parts about tacking up in the winter is putting on a cold bridle. Wear yours under your jacket while grooming and tacking to warm your bit up.
  3. Dedicate one jacket as “barn coat.” Keep your “human” clothes clean and buy one warm, water repellent, breathable coat for riding and working in the barn.  This one from Horseware opens in the back to sit comfortably in the saddle and has a striking diagonal zipper and red trim.
  4. Wear panty hose or Under Armour beneath your breeches. It is an insulating layer that doesn’t add any bulk.
  5. Spend extra time warming up before any intense flatwork or jumping, the cold temperatures can make muscles stiff and minor injuries or arthritis more painful.
  6. Upgrade your horse’s turnout blanket to keep her warm and clean during the cold season. Weatherbeeta has many different color, pattern, and weight options.
  7. Use old mate less socks as tail bags to keep mud and ice balls out of your horse’s tail.
  8. The frigid temperatures put your tack at risk for cracking if it is not oiled properly, Fiebings Neatsfoot Oil keeps your leather soft and supple.
  9. Finally – when you are frustrated and frozen, think about where you would like to be sixth months from now with your riding progress. Use this winter to finesse your skillset and set your summertime horse show goals!

About our guest blogger: Maggie Carty is a Senior at Seton Hill University, studying Communications. She is a member of their IHSA team, competing in the Intermediate division. Maggie is the Social Media Intern for The Carousel Horse.

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To fly sheet or not to fly sheet… that is the question.

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Green grass, warmer temps and longer days. This is my favorite time of the year. In fact, our horses love it too! But give it a few more weeks when those pesky flies and mosquitoes take over, and your ponies will be at the gate begging to come in by mid-day. So I ask you – do you use a fly sheet? If not, it is certainly something to think about…
  • Make summer turnout more pleasant – Not all farms offer night turnout for the summer, which means your horse may have to take in the heat of the day out in a field. The extra head shaking, body twitching, foot stomping and tail swishing can cause a lot of unnecessary stress and less grazing. A fly sheet helps create a barrier to bugs and lessens bug bites.
  • Sunblock – Today, many fly sheets come with UV protection. This can be important in lighter-colored and pink-skinned horses who are prone to sunburn. Additionally, if you have a darker show horse, UV fly sheets can keep their coats from fading.
  • Cut down on allergens – There is always that one horse in the barn who seems to have an allergic reaction to bug bites, developing itchy welts, and in turn spends the day biting and scratching themselves, again, resulting in less grazing. Using a fly sheet can help prevent bugs from getting to the skin and lessen allergic reactions.
  • Cleanliness – Grass stains and excess dust and dirt are a common part of summer turnout, but a fly sheet can help you keep your horse much cleaner! Fly sheets are even a great option for summer horse shows.
  • Keeping cool – Fly sheets come in different fabrics, but are primarily made of mesh that lets air circulate freely. This helps keep your horse cool even on the hottest days!
  • Less fly spray – Let’s be honest, you spray your horse in the morning before he goes out, but within the hour, he is stomping and swishing. He is sweating, he has rolled, and now your fly spray is no longer effective. A fly sheet is a great alternative! And, you don’t have to continue to spay all day
My advice to you… before summer kicks into high gear, consider investing in a fly sheet. There is practically one for every budget, and your horse will thank you! Check out all these great fly sheet options from The Carousel Horse.

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Enter to Win a NEW WeatherBeeta Fly Sheet!

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Spring is here, and summer will be upon us before we know it! Get ready to bust some bugs by entering our WeatherBeeta Airflow Detach-A-Neck Fly Sheet Giveaway Contest! Three easy steps to enter: 1. Be sure you have LIKED our Facebook page 2. SHARE this post on your page 3. FILL OUT this form
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Facebook Contest! Win a WeatherBeeta Turnout!

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Quick! Head over to our Facebook page and enter yourself to win a new WeatherBeeta Turnout! LIKE our page and SHARE the post! One winner will be chosen on 10.10.14! Good Luck! WeatherBeeta Giveaway

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