Bates Wide Dressage Saddle 16.5" WIDE- TEST RIDE/DEMO

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SADDLE IS A TEST RIDE/DEMO meaning it is a store floor model. It may have minor shop wear. Please contact us for photos if you have any concerns!

Only available in CAIR 16.5" Black

2XW Plate Installed (as standard)


Now featuring Heritage Leather!

Heritage leather upholds the traditional European practices of natural oil and wax tannage. The high oil and wax content of this performance leather ensures optimum suppleness and enhanced rider grip.

Beneath its traditional lines and elegant appearance, it offers high performance, as innovative features work to ensure your horse's comfort and a balanced rider position. The Bates Wide Dressage Saddle is a cutting edge dressage saddle specially designed for the wider horse that supports an optimal dressage position for the rider with unparalleled comfort.


    • A cutting edge dressage saddle specially designed for the wider horse.
    • Achieves unprecedented comfort for the rider, supporting an optimal dressage position.
    • Maximizes comfort and performance of your horse.
    • Features include uniquely positioned stirrup bar, utilization of the EASY-CHANGE Gullet System WIDE, adjustable Y-Girthing and Flexibloc Systems.

 * Saddles are typically in stock at the warehouse and ship within 2 - 3 days after order direct to the customer.

 Now with the new Easy Change Fit Solution which combines the Easy Change Gullet System with the Easy Change Riser System For a total fitting solution! The new Riser System allows you to alter the balance of the saddle by placing different sized riser inserts into the insert pockets in the new Wintec saddles. This can eliminate the need for riser pads, custom flocking and other saddle fit solutions.  The Easy-Change Fit Solution is the first total saddle fitting solution that not only enables full adjustment to be made to the saddle, but empowers riders to custom fit their saddles in a matter of minutes. Riders can select the optimal tree width for their horse's current shape using the Easy-Change Gullet System or make adjustments within their saddle panel for optimal balance and clearance with the Easy-Change Riser System. Together these systems offer unparalleled scope of adjustment for a total fitting solution that's not only easy, but measurable and completely reversible. Whether you are a serious competitor, or simply ride horses for the joy of it, choose a saddle with the Easy Change Fit Solution that puts your horse's comfort first!



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