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* Helps to reassure horses by recreating the soothing effects of a natural pheromone
* Comes in easy-to-apply gel packets and acts very quickly
* Difficulties with unsettled behavior? Proceed with confidence!
* See how easy it is to apply ConfidenceEQ – watch the video below

Confidence EQ is designed to help reduce stress in horses. It replicates the soothing signals a mare sends to her nursing foal. Based on the science of pheromone communication, ConfidenceEQ speaks to the horse in a language they instinctually understand. Provides an effective option to reduce or prevent equine stress. This equine-appeasing pheromone gel is easy to apply and can start to work in as little as 30 minutes so the horse can continue without distraction or delay. Great for transportation, veterinarian and farrier visits, fearful situations, new environments, and training.

ConfidenceEQ works in 3 steps. First, the horse takes in pheromones through special nerve bundles in the nose. Second, these signals are immediately sent to the brain where they are interpreted. Third, the horse instinctually understands the biological signals, increasing its focus and ability to learn.

Directions: Apply 30 minutes before the stressful situation. Open the sachet. Put the gel on fingers. Apply on the nostrils of the horse and see the science in action. Flexing of the top lip, called the Flehman Response, may be seen. This natural behavior is how horses interpret the pheromones, the first indication that ConfidenceEQ is at work.


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