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LubriSyn HA Topical Wound Gel- 4oz ***

$ 18.95

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* Advanced wound gel with hyaluronic acid
* Works as an antiseptic and antibacterial
* LubriSyn HA – wounds have never been treated better
* From the trusted LubriSyn HA family

LubriSyn HA Topical – Topical application for wounds, scrapes or abraded skin. All-in-one first aid gel aids in removal of debris and foreign material from application site. Promotes healing in horses, livestock and pets. Antiseptic and antibacterial. No need for anything else in a first aid kit for: lick granulomas, hot spots, burns, foot pad injuries and lacerations on pets; cracked heels, rain rot, scratches, heel and quarter grabs, and cuts and lacerations on horses and livestock. Veterinarian developed, recommended and approved.

Contains 0.2% hexylresorcinol.

Directions: Spray area thoroughly. Apply 3-4 times daily. Use sponge or cloth to apply to face. Avoid contact with eyes. Can be used with or without bandage.

4oz bottle.