Dura Tech Balance Training System

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Professionally developed and proven system of cord, pulleys and breeching that teaches horses to engage and move forward. Under proper guidance, improves the movement and balance of horses ridden in any discipline. Allows horse to develop proper carriage, collection and head set by encouraging him to round his body and drive forward from behind and underneath. Strengthens muscles and increases flexibility of shoulders, neck, back, loin and hindquarters.

Note: Before using this type of training device horse must respond well to voice commands during lunging and/or ground driving. Nylon Web/Felt lined Surcingle, Lunging Caveson with bit snaps, Breeching and elastic lines. When used properly, elastic lines help prevent the horse from feeling trapped or over-confined by stretching to allow some give and release from pressure. Use only light pressure until your horse gains confidence within the rigging. Slowly and gradually increase pressure with the lines, teaching the horse to move away from the pressure and into a more balanced, collected frame. When horse is responding well and with confidence, you can move on to the Advanced System

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