Flax Snax Horse Treats

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Premium, healthy, great-tasting treats horses love! Cinnamon-flavored, oven-fresh baked cookies are made from only the finest human-quality ingredients. Flax-enriched treats provide omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy, shiny coat. Made with stabilized rice bran for great taste and brewer's dried yeast for optimal digestion. You"ll love the comfort that comes with feeding your horse a wholesome snack that's good for him. Each 2 oz serving provides 3 gm omega-3 fatty acids, 11 gm crude fat, 6 gm crude protein and 5 gm crude fiber. Feed 2 oz (7 cookies) daily; can feed up to 8 oz (28 cookies) daily. 3 lbs = approx 168 cookies. Will not imbalance normal ration. Resealable bag.

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