Gel Eze Hot N' Cold Wrap

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This unique, reusable gel wrap can be used as a hot or cold application to ease stiffness and soreness in joints and tendons from strenuous exercise or relieve pain and inflammation from a variety of leg injuries. The wrap conforms around hocks, knees or anywhere on a horse's leg.

The wrap can also be used as a non-slip pad under saddles.     

Versatile gel material conforms to joints and all areas of the horse's leg    

Can be used for hot or cold applications to relieve pain, stiffness and inflammation    

Do not microwave (the wrap will melt)    

Refrigerate or soak wrap in ice water for cold therapy, submerge in hot water for warm therapy    

Can be used as a non-slip pad under English or Western saddles    

For best results, use a Vet Flex bandage or polo wrap over the wrap to hold securely in place.  Stays cold for up to 30 minutes. Sold individually 

Measures: 12" x 15"    

Directions for use: If a warm application is required place the Gel in a bucket of warm water, (not boiling!). It will then absorb the heat from the water. DO NOT place this item in the microwave because it will melt. If a cold application is required, place the gel in a refrigerator or ice box compartment for a minimum of one hour prior to use.

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Vendor: Gel Eze

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