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Grand HA Synergy ***

$ 79.95

Comprehensive mixture of powerful ingredients for horses and dogs provides optimal joint health and integrity. Made with BioCell Collagen II, a new triple U.S. patented super ingredient that features HA at 1/90th its original size. This smaller size molecule has been clinically proven to allow for more rapid and effective absorption into the gastrointestinal system, bloodstream and, ultimately, the joints. Blended with effective levels of glucosamine HCl, MSM and key co-factors that, when combined, match all of the elements naturally present in healthy articular cartilage, and that work synergistically for optimal joint support. Apple-flavored for palatability. Each 2 oz dose contains 5,000 mg glucosamine HCl, 900 mg hydrolyzed collagen Type II, 300 mg chondroitin sulfate (poultry source), 150 mg hyaluronic acid, 10,000 mg MSM, plus lysine, vitamin C, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, and omega-3 & -6 fatty acids. Dosage: For horses - initial administration (first 3-4 wks), 4 scoops daily; maintenance, 2 scoops daily. For 50 lb dog - initial administration, 2 scoops daily; maintenance, 1 scoop daily. 1 scoop = 1 oz; 5 lbs = 40 doses.