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Horseware Ice-Vibe Hock Wrap

$ 309.95

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Prepare your horse's hocks before exercise or reduce inflammation, discomfort and bruising after exercise with the rechargeable ICE-VIBE Hock Boot. Contoured to fit the hock area, while maintaining full movement, they are comprised of a neoprene outer with stretchy pockets to allow insertion and removal of panels and cold packs with secure Velcro fastenings to prevent slipping.

This boot provides a gentle vibrating massage to increase circulation and prepare the joint for exercise when used without the cold packs. When used with cold packs after exercise, ICE-VIBE wraps maintain a slow level of blood flow via massage, which encourages healing, while they cool tissue and slow inflammation. ICE-VIBE wraps can also be used to help reduce existing inflammation by stimulating movement through the lymph system. Massage creates a similar effect to that of a horse moving about while grazing, making ICE-VIBE hocks boots perfect for horses on stall rest.

Includes 2 ICE-VIBE Hock Boots, 4 ice packs, 2 panels and 1 charger.

Comes in Black with Aqua Trim

Full Size Only