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Horseware Rambo Micklem Multibridle with Reins CLOSEOUT

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A better way forward for a better way of going, the Micklem Multibridle relieves pressure on the sensitive parts of the head.  This unique bridle is designed to comfortably fit the shape of the horse's skull, avoiding pressure on sensitive areas.  It can be used as a bridle or lunge cavesson.  Helps to eliminate pain, numbness or damage to nerves, veins and muscles due to ill-fitting bridles.

  • Two main pieces of equipment in one: A bridle and a lunge cavesson
  • Made from eco-friendly vegetable tanned leather
  • Comes with tongue protection clips, bit straps, and curb groove strap
  • Can be used bitted or bitless!
  • Rubber reins included

Please note: In the US, the Rambo® Micklem® Multibridle is only sold with the curb groove attachment. Other advertisements may show an alternative bitless bridle strap that connects over the poll, however, this strap is not available for sale in the US or from The Carousel Horse.