Horseware Sportz-Vibe Massage Therapy Horse Blanket

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Give your horse all the benefits of therapeutic massage with the lightweight and portable Sportz-Vibe® Massage Therapy Blanket from Horseware® Ireland. This comfortable equine massage blanket with detachable hood goes anywhere you and your horse go to serve as a warm-up or recovery rug. Ideal for maintaining muscular well-being in horses year-round, the Sportz-Vibe Massage Blanket helps prepare muscles before work and helps ease soreness and stiffness after work. The massage action is gentle enough that it won’t overwork your horse’s muscles—it can be used up to three times daily—but it will effectively help reduce muscle tension.

Massage is provided through four removable panels that fit into pockets and let you target specific areas: neck, shoulders, center back and hindquarters. The massaging action helps reduce pain, improve blood supply to tissue, relax muscles and reduce inflammation in horses that are suffering from long term muscular back problems. By encouraging the lymph system to move, the massage action helps to drain inflammation and stimulate repair to damaged tissue. Using Sportz-Vibe before exercise may help reduce the risk of injury as increasing blood flow to muscles, tendons and ligaments helps to make them more elastic. Sportz-Vibe can help manage everyday wear and tear and help your horse to recover more quickly after hard work. 

The four massage panels work alternately on either side of your horse to stimulate circulation. Two treatment settings switch off automatically after twenty minutes. Completely breathable, the Sportz-Vibe massage rug is adjustable to fit horses of different builds and, once the panels and rechargeable batteries are removed, it is machine washable. The adjustable front closure allows one blanket to treat three differently sized horses. Elasticized surcingles keep the massage blanket in place. Advanced fabric construction using ring spun brushed polyester offers the latest in moisture management technology so your horse stays comfortable. This massage rug comes with a universal charger and a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three hours and has a built-in battery level indicator.

S(63"-69"), M(72"-78"), L(81"-87").
Ring-spun, brushed polyester.
Machine wash after panels and batteries are removed.

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