Ice Force Therapy Boots

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Portable, deep-penetrating cold therapy designed for horse limbs, with individually hand-controlled inflatable wraps.

The combination of ice and controlled pressure is widely recognized as an effective therapy for soundness and general maintenance of horses' legs.

Cold therapy draws out heat, increases circulation, thereby feeding damaged cells with oxygen, and helps reduce inflammation caused by injuries or chronic conditions.

Compression therapy enables the cold therapy to penetrate much deeper into the tissue or joint being treated. It helps disperse inflammation that builds up around chronic conditions, trauma, or soft tissue damage.

The system can also be used for heat therapy, which, when combined with compression, can alleviate symptoms of old injuries that have resulted in tension or stiffness of the limbs.

Boots feature double hook & loop fasteners for a secure fit, easy-to-use inflatable hand pump that requires no batteries and allows for fully customized compression, and a suspensory strap for added support. Fitted gel packs provide excellent coverage for cold or hot therapy.

One Size

Sold as a Pair

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