Korsteel Copper Mouth Corkscrew Full Cheek Snaffle Bit

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The Korsteel Corkscrew Copper Mouth Full Cheek Snaffle can be a useful tool for horses who tend to lean on the bit making them difficult to balance, stop and steer. The corkscrew mouthpiece has multiple small ridges which function as small pressure points on the bars and lips. These ridges are uncomfortable when pressure is applied, so most horses will quickly give to the bit. The copper mouthpiece increases salivation which encourages swallowing and chewing and can lead to less tension in the jaw and greater acceptance of the bit. By combining the copper mouthpiece with the corkscrew shape, this bit should help to make hard mouthed horses more responsive to the rein aids and may prevent pulling and hanging. This bit can be harsh when used incorrectly and is best when used by an experienced rider.



  • Stainless steel full cheeks

  • Copper mouthpiece increases salivation and bit acceptance

  • Corkscrew textured mouth


    The single jointed mouthpiece works by applying pressure to the bars, lips and sides of the tongue. As pressure is applied to the bit, the center joint collapses forward causing the bit to tighten in the horse's mouth and sometimes to contact the roof of the mouth.


    Full cheeks aid in turning the horse and help the bit to sit in a stable position in the horse's mouth. The full cheek can be used with or without bit keepers but will be more stable with the keepers. For safety, bit keepers are recommended as they secure the upper arm of the bit and can help prevent the cheeks from catching on fences, stirrups or other equipment should the horse scratch or bite at a fly.


    5" Mouth




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    Type: Bits and Bridles

    Vendor: JP Korsteel

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