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Korsteel Hollow Mouth Lightweight 23mm Loose Ring Bit CLOSEOUT

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The Korsteel 23mm Hollow Mouth Loose Ring Bit is a single jointed snaffle with a very large diameter and a very mild bit for larger horses. This lighweight bit with loose rings will move freely in the horse's mouth for a soft feel that will encourage relaxation.


Loose ring bits are very soft in the horse's mouth. Because the rings move through the bit instead of being set at a fixed point, the bit is free to find its own position in the horse's mouth. This free movement can help some horses to relax and is also helpful with horses who hang on the bit as it is less stable for them to lean on.


The single jointed mouthpiece works by applying pressure to the bars, lips and sides of the tongue. As pressure is applied to the bit, the center joint collapses forward causing the bit to tighten in the horse's mouth and sometimes to contact the roof of the mouth.

This bit has an extremely fat mouthpiece which can be uncomfortable for horses with small mouths, large tongues or low palates.