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Lazy One Pasture Bedtime Book

$ 8.99

Cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly...there are certain classic combos that every kid knows. And jammies and stories are at the top of the list! That’s why LazyOne offers soft and stylish pajama sets with coordinating bedtime stories. Yep--our original characteristics spring to life from PJ to page in heartwarming adventures while wearing matching jammies! Each book is sold separately from the pajamas.

In this book, Lil’ Anne is sick of bedtime and starts scheming to end all bedtimes. She hides her jammies, gets the rooster to crow at the wrong time, and even pretends to sheep walk –er I mean sleep walk in an attempt to stay up. Will her mom be fooled by these hijinks or will Lil’ Anne realize the importance of getting a good night sleep? Find out in this fun book!