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Omega Fields Omega Horseshine 20 lb ***

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Omega Fields Omega Horseshine omega-3 horse supplement.
Powerful, premium omega-3 supplement for horses of all life stages made with fortified, stabilized ground flax. Promotes:
 • Healthier skin and added luster to the coat
 • Earlier shedding
 • Stronger, more durable hooves
 • Top performance
 • Less muscle soreness and stiffness, with shorter recovery time

Also benefits mares and foals in gestation, lactation and growth. Healthy psyllium alternative, too.

Omega Horse Shine is enhanced with a very small blend of nutrients that work to promote best absorption and metabolization of flax – biotin, yeast for digestive health, oats for antioxidant support, vitamins and chelated minerals. When proper nutrition is present for the horse's body, the horse is better able to assimilate and utilize the omega-3 essential fatty acid oil in the flax seed much more efficiently.

Contains a base of Enreco® premium, human-grade, 99.9% pure, stabilized, ground, fortified flax with 84,000 mg omega-3, 27,000 mg omega-6 and 26,000 mg omega-9 (per lb). Directions: 1/2 to 1 cup daily for 1,000-1,200 lb horse. 4.5 lbs = 1 month supply at 1/2 cup rate. Low 4.4% NSC (nonstructural carbohydrate) value; recommended for insulin resistant or Cushings horses.