Pessoa Lunging Training System

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The Pessoa Lunging aid, designed by Nelson Pessoa, can be rigged from going long and low for a green horse to the most advanced collected frame or anything in between. Most schooling reins are attached to the girth which corrects the head carriage alone, neglecting the hind end and development of the back muscles. With the Pessoa system the hind quarters are engaged as the horse is asked to go round in the front.

Top quality ropes are used along with pulleys used in theFrench sailing industry, cast and calibrated especially for Pessoa, in copper-nickel alloy. Nelson himself recommends extensive trot work when first using the device to build the proper muscles. Only when this gait is satisfactory should canter work begin. When cantering, the Pessoa system forces the horse to take weight off the forehand and bring his hindquarters under him, thus improving his balance.

As with all training aids, caution and common sense must be exercised when first using this system. It is not recommended that this device be used by a novice unless under professional supervision. Headstall, lunge line and surcingle not included.


* Item typically ships within 2 - 3 business days of order direct from distributors warehouse.  Availability limited to warehouse stock at time of order.

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