Piccoli Mini Horse Educational 6 Inch Plush Toy

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The Piccoli Mini Plush Horses are an educational toy that your child will love! Each Piccoli horse comes with a unique name and access to the Piccoli educational apps which help your child practice their speaking skills and encourages them to get involved in physical play. The Piccoli horse keeps your child focused and makes learning fun all while becoming your child's new favorite toy. The Piccoli horse won the 2017 Top Toy of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine and is a fun and innovative way for children to play.
Our 6" Piccoli Mini Horses come in five colors and an endless array of saddle options. You never know which Mini Horse will be yours. Our saddles are made by seamstresses in Kentucky, USA, from beautiful fabric scraps — usually too small for any other projects, so each horse is unique! We know you'll be delighted!

  • Download the interactive app, can be downloaded on iphone or android
  • Look under saddle for unique code
  • Enter code in to receive your horses show name
  • Name your horse's barn
  • Begin learning, recommended for ages 2-7
  • Created by parents, educators and experts to help children learn and practice their growing speaking skills
  • Piccoli Horses help children practice their growing conversation skills by incorporating movements, tangible objects and images from the child's own world. Makes learning how to speak fun and universal for all our children

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