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The Natural Hoof Shoe CLOSEOUT

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The versatile Natural Hoof Shoe is the perfect solution for a lost shoe, smooth surfaces, or for extra traction in the trailer. Just slip on the Natural Hoof Shoe, close the hook and loop flaps, and you’re ready to go. Made with a ballistic nylon upper for strength and durability, the Natural Hoof Shoe is so lightweight and flexible that your horse will hardly notice it on its hoof. Your horse can walk, trot or canter with ease while wearing it. If a regular shoe is lost, you can continue to train, condition and turn out for days or weeks with the Natural Hoof Shoe. With vented mesh sides it may be used on a bare hoof or with a shoe whether riding on the trail, pavement or even the stream. It’s light and compact enough to pack with you anywhere. The Hoof Shoe is also great for breeding operations and for owners who prefer to keep their horse barefoot, but need occasional hoof protection.


 **For use as temporary shoe replacement and/or light riding conditions.  Not to be used for extended rides**


· Lightweight, flexible and vented
· Compact and portable
· Useful for breeding operations


 Measuring for the best fit:


Measure diagonally from the corner of the heel to the corner of the toe.  Round up your measurement.


0 (4 ½” – 4 ¾”)
1 (4 ¾” – 5)
2 (5 ¼” – 5 ½”)
3 (5 ½” – 6”)

Materials: Nylon


Sold individually, not as a pair.

Ships within 2 - 3 days of order.  Expedited shipping not available.