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Turquoise Necklace With Sterling Silver Chain Turquoise

$ 40.00

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Turquoise Necklace with Sterling Silver chain Turquoise Pendant Gift for Mom, Moms Necklace, Natural Gemstone - Handmade Wire Wrap. This tiny, simple Turquoise Necklace is for those who aren't as flashy, and want a small little crystal necklace that still holds all the magic! Beautiful Dainty Turquoise Pendant nicely and securely wrapped in wire and hangs on an 18” matching chain. Handmade by Holly from Tumbled Shop. Turquoise represents peace and tranquility~ Turquoise helps us to look inwards so that we can speak our truths and communicate better with those around us. If you're anxious, this stone can help alleviate that awkwardness that comes when you are faced with uncomfortable situations such as meeting new people or public speaking.