Manna Pro Calm Coat Wonder Wrap 8 oz

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Wonder Wrap is a multi-purpose, all-natural equine herbal mix. Made with the key ingredients of Peppermint, Lavender, Juniper, and Yarrow, it is great for all of the following: *Great for Competitive Horses as well as your backyard friend (Use instead of a sweat or blister for any soft tissue or concussion injury. Helps reduce inflammation, soreness, pain and swelling.)

Makes a Super Sole Pack (No soaking required!)

Use for Abscesses, Foot Soreness and Sole Bruises (Just mix up a paste of Wonder Wrap herb and water, and put in a boot or wrap. Soothing and healing with no oily, sticky mess to clean up!)

Helps healing process for scratches (Just mix a little Wonder Wrap herb and water and paint on the affected area. No Wrapping

It heals as it dries; No chemicals or clean up; Brushes right off!)

Use as a poultice.

Peppermint has historically been used for its cooling and soothing effects and to decrease inflammation. It is also know for its antiseptic and analgesic properties. Will not burn or blister!

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