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Zombie Gotcha! Hands

$ 15.00

Zombie Gotcha is the creepy-cool kids' game that locks players in a house with a Zombie and challenges them to escape. To flee the house, you'll have to unlock your doors -- but beware the Zombie hands! Each player starts out with three Door Cards that you'll "unlock" by creating matches of two key cards in the same color. On your turn, either draw one Key Card from the Search Pile OR steal two Key Cards from the Zombie Stash, if you dare. Reach into the Zombie Stash at your own risk -- if it catches you, it'll GRAB you! If the Zombie Hands grab you, another door locks and you'll draw another Door Card. The first player to unlock all of their doors escapes the Zombie's clutches and wins the game! This exciting kids' game is tons of fun for 2 to 4 players, 5 years old and up. Includes one set of Zombie Hands, 57 Key Cards and 24 Door Cards. Colors and decorations may vary.