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AniMed 3 in 1 BugLyte ***

$ 27.95

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Keeps pests away - naturally! Powerful powder supplement provides three ways to keep your horse pest-free. Garlic works to repel flies and mosquitoes externally while diatomaceous earth kills internal pests and fights premise pest problems when excreted in manure. Natural, non-toxic biting insect deterrent contains no irritating, dangerous chemicals or insecticides. A gentle alternative to the harshness and sensitivity problems of many spray-ons. Each 1 oz serving contains brewers yeast, thiamine monohydrate, garlic, niacin, grape seed extract, diatomaceous earth, min 10% crude protein, min 5% crude fat and 10% crude fiber. Dosage: 1 oz per 1,000 lbs body wt for 21 days, then 1/2 oz daily. May take up to 2 wks for full effectiveness. 1.5 lb. container.