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Breyer 2021 Stablemates Singles Assorted

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Brand New for 2021 Stablemate Singles!

Collect all 6 breeds! Hold some of the world's most beautiful horse breeds right in the palm of your hand.

When placing your order, a randomly selected horse will be picked for you (you do NOT have the option to select your own breed!)All sales are final, no returns will be accepted for unwanted choice of horse selected.

The collection consists of:


  • Morgan: the first Regular Run release of the Cantering Morgan looks stunning in solid black with four socks.
  • Andalusian: Alborozo wears a light grey coat with a rich chestnut mane and tail with hints of copper adding a touch of motion to them. What a beauty!
  • Paint Horse: the Standing Thoroughbred gets a sweet palomino pinto coat. He's being called Paint Horse, and he fits the description pretty darn well for a TB mold.
  • Mustang: the rugged Cob mold represents the American wild Mustang, wearing a lovely grey pinto coat with one hind sock and a blaze.
  • Appaloosa Sport Horse: the Irish Draft mold becomes an Appaloosa Sport Horse with this bay roan Appy coat. His splatter spots insure that every one has a unique pattern, just like real Appys.
  • Friesian Cross: the Standing Friesian is called a Friesian cross, wearing a lovely dun coat with a dorsal stripe and front socks.