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Eqyss Micro Tek Equine Spray 32 oz ***

$ 28.95

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Maximum-strength leave-on protection stops horse's skin problems including girth itch, rain rot, ringworm and scratches. Fast-acting topical spray begins working on contact and continues to work for over 24 hrs. Developed by NASA research for the decontamination of astronauts, it promotes healthy skin and coat by controlling conditions associated with skin problems and adds protein to strengthen damaged areas. Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial formula speeds healing and stops spreading. Alcohol-free, non-steroidal, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Will not burn or sting open wounds. Recommended for use on genital areas.

Contains 0.026% trichlocarban. For maximum effectiveness, wash with Micro-Tek Shampoo first, then mist entire coat, mane and tail with Spray; do not rinse off. Spray damaged area 2-3 times a day on dry coat until condition is controlled. Do not use with any other medicated shampoo, especially iodine or betadine. Non-slip formula can be used on saddle area. Safe for pets. 32 oz. spray