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Eqyss Premier Equine Shampoo 32 oz ***

$ 20.95

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Natural botanical shampoo conditions and moisturizes while enhancing and intensifying color. Super concentrated formula for all horses contains no wax, oils, petroleum-based products, silicone or synthetic polymers, thereby attracting moisture to the hair & binding it to the coat; leaves hair shaft completely clean. Removes harsh detergents, toxins and medications that damage the coat and skin causing discoloration, dullness and itchiness. Restores moisture, balance and strength to the coat. Provides a natural high-gloss shine, helps prevent skin conditions and leaves skin healthier. Also controls dry, flaky skin and soothes irritation. Electrolytes strengthen and rebuild the coat and skin while protecting them from the sun"s damaging ultraviolet rays. Horses cool out up to 50% faster than with other shampoos. pH balanced formula rinses clean easily leaving no chemical residue; will not clog pores.

Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, DEA-free. Contains cocamide, allantoin, wheat protein, and extracts of aloe vera and lavender. Contains no harsh soap. Mix 2-3 oz with water and wash entire horse daily. Rinse, scrape, then mist with Premier Rehydrant Spray for enhanced shine. Safe for human use. 32 oz.