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Eqyss Premier Rehydrant Spray ***

$ 19.95

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Natural botanical leave-on protection enhances shine and intensifies colors while conditioning and moisturizing skin and coat. Treats dry skin and coat with natural ingredients that attract moisture to make hair and skin smooth and supple. Provides moisture quickly and for over 24 hrs. Helps repel dirt and dust. Excellent for dry climates. Also provides protection from the sun. Helps prevent skin conditions and promotes healthy skin and coat. Protects coat from bleaching out. Pleasant Australian mango scent. Contains citric acid, allantoin, wheat protein, and extracts of aloe vera and lavender. Wash horse with Premier Shampoo, rinse, scrape, then mist entire coat, mane and tail; do not rinse out. For daily use on all horses. Can use on wet or dry hair. Great for use after brushing dry horse. Hypoallergenic. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly; contains no oil, silicone or synthetic polymers. Tearless; will not burn eyes. Non-slip formula can be used on saddle area. Safe for human use. 32 oz. spray