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Horseware Micklem Long Comfort Girth

$ 199.95

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NEW! The Micklem ergonomic girth has been designed from the inside out to match the precise shape of the horse, allowing exceptional comfort and better performance. The unique design of the Micklem girth provides the optimum pressure distribution around the rib cage and equal pressure on the girth straps. It is shaped to allow unrestricted use of the elbows and has an innovative groove to allow total comfort when using a martingale strap around the girth.


  • Helps prevent uneven pressure on rib cage & girth staps. Cut to match the actual cone shape of the rib cage, with a smaller diameter in front, ensuring the same pressure on both the front and back of the girth and on the girth straps.
  • Helps prevent forward slippage. The rib cage is narrower towards the front and, as a result, the back edge of the girth is often tighter than the front edge. Therefore, the whole girth slips forwards, pulling the saddle forward, causing loosening of the girth and pressure on the elbows. This girth alleviates that.
  • Helps prevent elbow rubs. Pressure on the elbows is reduced, both because the girth is less likely to slip forwards and because the design features a padded cutaway area, specifically placed to allow space for the elbow to move without restriction.
  • Helps prevent sideways pull on saddle. Elastic sections at both ends ensure even pressure on both sides with no sideways pull and greater comfort.
  • Helps prevent discomfort from martingale and allows safer attachment. An innovative groove allows the martingale strap to sit flush without causing uneven pressure for maximum comfort and safety, for cross country riding. A recessed ring is included for show jumping use.

Comes in Black or Dark Havana.