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Korsteel Stainless Steel French Link Baucher Bit

$ 51.99

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Korsteel French Link Baucher Bit is a great choice for horses who like a steadier bit contact or those who need something just a hair stronger than a regular snaffle. The Baucher bit, also known as the hanging cheek snaffle, has a large ring at the cheek and a smaller ring set above for attachment to the bridle. This longer cheeks allows a small amount of poll pressure to be applied when the bit is engaged. This bit can help to encourage your horse to lower his head and is useful with horses who have a higher headset. It is also a good bit for children who may need a bit more control than a traditional snaffle.

The French link mouthpiece has two joints allowing it to apply even pressure to the tongue, bars of the mouth and lips while avoiding any pressure on the roof of the mouth. It also does not have the nutcracker effect of a single jointed snaffle which can provide a great deal of bar pressure and pressure onto the roof of the mouth. This is a very popular mouthpiece accepted my most horses.

  • Stainless steel
  • French link alleviates pinching and provides more tongue freedom
  • Cheeks apply more pressure to the poll
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