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Majyk Equipe Boyd Martin All Leather Tendon Boot with Removable Impact Liner

$ 189.99

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We start with the finest Argentine leather, nature's perfect material. The entire boot shell is made from leather - there is no artificial faux leather incorporated in the construction. Once we have selected the hides, we treat the leather with a fine coating to help protect the outer shell. Argentine leather is some of the best in the world, chosen by Audi, BMW and Porsche as well as used in polo saddles and equipment. The well engineered design provides the ultimate comfort while the European styling gives a sleek and sophisticated appearance. Inside the boot is a removable perforated Impact Protection liner. This liner is sized to add additional cushioning across the front of the boot where it touches the horse's leg, helping to prevent rubbing or chafing. The liner is made from a No Neoprene proprietary high impact bio foam material designed to repel force - an additional layer of protection not usually found in traditional leather boots. The liner is anti bacterial and anti fungal and can be removed for easy cleaning. 1.25" straps ensure ultimate comfort for your horse.This boot is priced exceptionally well compared to other similar quality boots and offers a high level of protection.

Features: • All Top Quality Leather Construction – No Faux Leather • Removable Liner for Easy Cleaning • Non-Neoprene Bio Foam Liner • Built in Impact Protection • Lightweight and Breathable • Double Stitched Binding and Finishes • Easy Gunmetal Brass Closures • Replacement Liners Can Be Purchased Separately • Amazing Price for the Quality.

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