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Majyk Equipe CONTACT-X Reversible Half Pad

$ 149.99

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Two pads in one! The Contact-X Reversible Half Pad is a perfect blend of anti-slip technology and lightweight mesh construction. This pad is designed with a reinforced saddle area designed to help your saddle from slipping. If you flip the pad over, the micro dot technology helps keep the pad snug and in place. Now you can have two completely different looks and functions in one pad at a fraction of the price of other similar pads. Can be used with a half pad.

* Reversible Pad * Super Lightweight Mesh Construction *Shock Absorbing Saddle Area Helps Prevent 'Bounce back' * Micro Dot Technology on underside of pad helps prevent slipping * Easy to Clean * Breathable Construction, Helps Prevent Heat Build-Up 

Sold as a Single Unit.

Hose off and Hang to Dry.