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Majyk Equipe Infinity Jump Boot - HIND

$ 69.99

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Protective rear boots guard your horse's legs from injury while providing comfort and air circulation. The interior of the Infinity 3 is an eco-friendly memory Bio Foam that conforms to your horse's legs. It's anti-microbial and anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and easy to clean.The innovative interior strike zone is ARTi-LAGE kinetic material that moves and flexes with the horse but instantly hardens upon impact to protect tendons and soft tissue from injury. The TPU outer shell is lightweight, flexible, and protective. Four vents with micro mesh filters increase cooling air flow to prevent overheating. Velcro closures are strong and easily adjustable. Single thickness elastic webbing is stretchy and durable for a great fit.

  • Hind Jump Boots in Black Pearl, White Pearl, Brown/Black
  • BASF TPU outer with 4 Vents
  • ARTi-LAGE dilitant material for instant impact protection
  • Non-neoprene inner liner that won't slip when wet
  • Double stitched finishing and binding
  • Easy to clean

As a general rule of thumb:

Horse/Full size is designed to fit horses 15.2 hands to 16.3 hands

Large size is designed to fit horses 16.3 hands and above 

Please note that our XC boots are sized proportionally to fit front and hind legs. If your horse is a medium size in front he/she should be medium size in hind unless the hind legs have unusually long canon bones.