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Majyk Equipe Neoprene-Free Easy Wrap Bell Boots

$ 36.99

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The Majyk Equipe Neoprene- Free Easy Wrap Bell boot features an outer shell constructed from a super strong lightweight rip-stop material bonded over a breathable mesh. The combination of materials make this boot lightweight and water resistant and quicker to dry than traditional neoprene boots. The inner liner is constructed of a non-neoprene Bio Foam lined with impact resistant material to guard against overreach. Finished with Easy-close super strong Velcro closures,  these boots are designed to perform across all kinds of terrain. Classically shaped to fit most horses between 14 hands to 16.3 hands.

Features: • Ripstop Outer Material • Super Lightweight and Water Repellant  • Non Neoprene Bio Foam Liner • Built in Impact Protection • Super Strong Closures • 

Sold as a Pair