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Roma Pocket Ice Therapy Boots

$ 57.99

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The Roma Ice Boot helps to reduce heat and swelling from affected areas of the horse's leg.  It is easy to use anytime, anywhere.  Just place it in the freezer before use.  It is re-freezable, so it can be used time and again to help your horse without any mess.  It comes with secure touch tape closures with elastic that provide extra adjustability and comfort. Single boot.
  • Reduces heat and swelling from horse's leg
  • Re-freezable with no mess
  • Cold temperature maintained for use anytime, anywhere
  • Extra adjustability for added comfort
Item Specifications:

Color: Red/Black
Size:  16 1/2" L x 16" W (Standard)
Directions for Use:
For maximum use, place boot in freezer for a minimum of 5-6 hours. However, due to unique materials used, it can be applied without freezing.  Wrap the boot around affected area of the horse's leg.
Treatments longer than 20 minutes are not recommended. If symptoms persist seek veterinary advice.
Internal ingredients should not be ingested or used directly against the horse's skin.