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Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Groom Kit

$ 28.00 $ 34.99

  • All the grooming tools you'll need
  • Nifty removable tray
  • Brightly colored

The Roma Ultimate 10 Piece Grooming Horse & Pony Kit comes with all the grooming bits you need to get your horse looking like a steed worthy of royalty. The grooming kit has a nifty removable tray and a strong clip to keep it closed and secure.

Roma 10 piece grooming kit features:

• Grooming box with a removable tray

• Hoof pick with brush

• Large sponge

• Sweat scraper

• 5 inch rubber currycomb

• Mane comb (plastic)

• 500 plaiting bands

• Hoof oil and brush tub

• 7 inch dandy brush

• 5.5 inch body brush