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SleekEZ Grooming Tool

$ 14.95

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Keep Your Pets Clean, Healthy and Pretty with Our Quality Grooming Tools That Your Pets Will Love. SleekEZ is a US Based Company Specializing in Pet Grooming Tools, with a Patent for its Unique Design. Our Selection of Pet Grooming Tools is Unlike Any Other, with the Tooth Pattern, Configuration and Selection Available the SleekEZ Pet Grooming Tools Are Great for a Variety of Animals and Coats!

Now available are the 2.5-inch SleekEZ® grooming tools for cats!  Or use this on your horses' legs or face, or on small dogs.  Same concept, just smaller size.

We, who know cats, know that they love to groom themselves and each other. Our exclusive blade is comprised of tiny teeth that mimic the cat's own barbed tongue producing a calming effect as you groom your cat. We have actually had customers report to us that cats that are near wild quickly befriend those who use the SleekEZ on their coat. It works like a "bionic cat tongue" removing shedding fur, reducing hairball hacking, and also cleaning kitty fur off many types of upholstery.  

Your cat will love it and so will you!

Finally, a grooming tool for shorter-coated and wire-haired dogs! This 5" SleekEZ® dog grooming tool is doggone perfect for your canine friend.  Due to our patented, exclusive tooth pattern, our tool works on a variety of coats.  Whether your dog has very short fur to long fur with a thick undercoat, our tool does an excellent job at removing dead hair, dirt and dander. It works excellently on bully breeds, chihuahuas, terriers and any dogs with short- to medium-length coats.

Dogs that are sensitive to longer-toothed grooming brushes and combs prefer and enjoy the SleekEZ®.  This product is not ideal for dogs that grow hair, such as Yorkshires or Shih Tzus as it is not a detangler.

10" So simple, so effective!  We are sure that you will be telling your friends about your SleekEZ®.  Shed loose hair and embedded dirt and dander from the coat year round without irritating the horse.  We promise that you will be completely in love with this item come shedding season and all year long. No honing the edges required, and the 10-inch length allows users to use two hands and quickly remove unhealthy/dead hair, dirt and dander.  Just simply swipe the metal teeth with a soft horse brush from your tack box to remove dirt build up, continue brushing and see that sleek pony appear!

SleekEZ's handle is constructed of poplar wood treated to protect it in the outdoor environment. The comb is designed with a unique, patented tooth pattern exclusive to SleekEZ.  This unique tooth pattern is created to be used on a variety of coats from fine to course and long to short. It extremely gentle, yet highly effective. SleekEZ exclusive blade will not cut the hair or damage the coat.