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SORE NO-MORE Gelotion - 12oz ***

$ 19.95

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* Herbal liniment in a gel/lotion form
* Proven to relieve pain and inflammation
* Effective for legs and body, and gentle for sensitive skin
* Learn more about the SORE NO-MORE line of products – watch the video in 'Other Info' below
* Made in the USA

SORE NO-MORE Gelotion is the only herbal liniment proven to relieve pain and inflammation in a convenient gel form. Thicker than original liniment; stays on hard-to-reach areas. Extremely effective for legs and body, and gentle for the most sensitive skin.

Contains a proprietary extract of witch hazel bark and leaves with arnica, rosemary, lavender, lobelia and xanthan gum. No harsh chemicals.

Use full strength before or after workouts. Use on legs with or without wraps. Paint directly on soles. Use with ice or heat. Safe to use under magnets and all ceramic therapy products. Do not use on open cuts or wounds.

Made in the USA.

"The natural herbs, pleasant scent, effectiveness and affordability of the SORE NO-MORE® Gelotion makes it perfect for our partners! We rub SORE NO-MORE Liniment on their backs, hips, hocks, withers or anywhere they tend to get stiff or sore. This helps us keep them feeling good so that we can continue to navigate the rough terrain of mountainous areas. It also allows our horses to stay supple while we work on the trail, in the dressage arena or during ranch horse versatility."
Jenny Lance and Angela Robinette-Dublin,
Professional Trail Riding Specialists of