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Sore No-More Performance Poultice 5 lb. ***

$ 38.95

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* Arnica cooling clay
* Specially formulated for the equine athlete
* 5 lb formulation contains the equivalent of 2-16 oz bottles of SORE NO-MORE Liniment; 23 lb formulation contains the equivalent of approximately 9-16 oz bottles of SORE NO-MORE Liniment
* Made in the USA

SORE NO-MORE Performance Poultice – Silky smooth and non-irritating. To be applied to areas of edema, swelling, heat, inflammation and infection. Excellent topical application for sensitive skinned animals to cool and tighten before and after exercise, training or competition.

Contains bentonite and a proprietary extract of witch hazel bark and leaves with arnica, rosemary, lavender, comfrey and sodium borate. No added capsaicin or lobelia. No harsh chemicals.

Apply thin layer to legs with or without paper or plastic. Apply directly to hoof several times a week or before and after shoeing to ensure a soft, pliable, resilient sole, frog and hoof wall. Washes off easily. Do not use on open wounds.

Made in the USA.