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Succeed Digestive Conditioning Program ***

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* A Breakthrough in Digestive HealthTM
* The only product patented for both gastric and colonic ulcers in horses
* Ideal for performance horses and weanlings!
* Official Digestive Conditioning Product of the United States Equestrian Federation
* Learn why Stephen Peters and many more professional riders recommend SUCCEED in 'Other Info' below

Appealing, oat-flavored daily nutritional supplement scientifically formulated to promote normal, healthy function of the digestive tract in horses, even during active training, performance and competition. Everyday stresses such as weaning, training, traveling, competing, stalling, breeding and riding seem unavoidable. Avoid the effects of these stresses on horses by maintaining a healthy digestive tract, which will help balance energy, endurance, calmness, focus, attentiveness, trainability, performance potential, temperament, and the ability to maintain weight and muscle. Used once a day, every day to help horses become healthy on the inside and successful on the outside! May also have a positive impact on the development of young horses, especially during their most stressful periods such as weaning. In a recent study, weanlings fed Succeed for 90 days showed significantly greater gains in body weight compared to the control group not fed Succeed. Contains 44.72% min crude fat, 8.32% min crude protein, 3.28% max crude fiber, 1.75% min l-threonine, 1.4% min l-glutamine, oat flour, yeast extracts and guar gum. Convenient, easy-to-use oral paste is ideal for getting started, or for horses off their feed; Granules are ideal for everyday use and large barns. Dosage: Paste - 1 syringe into horse’s mouth once daily, for faster results use twice daily for fi rst week; may be mixed with feed; 30 syringes = approx 30-day supply. Granules - Approx 1 oz daily per 1,200 lbs body wt, top-dressed on feed; 10.71 lbs = approx 180-day supply. May begin seeing results in 30 days, but allow 90 days for full health benefits. Feed supplement; not to be used in place of regular feed. Can be used on pregnant mares and foals. The ingredients in Succeed are natural and should not conflict with most other supplements or medical products; however, it is recommended that you do not use with other digestive aids. Not a drug or testable substance. Patented.


Available in 1.79 lb or 3.75 lb