Vision Focus and Calming Supplement

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* Won't cause drowsiness or impede performance
* Delivers seven active ingredients to help calm horses
* Excellent for heavy training, racing, trailering and more

Vision Focus and Calming Supplement for horses is specially formulated to help keep performance horses focused and composed in stressful situations. Helps minimize distractions, manages frightened or unpredictable behavior and nervous habits, such as headshaking. Excellent for heavy training, performance activities, racing, trailering and competition.
Contains seven active ingredients that won't cause drowsiness or impede performance. Each serving contains 2,500 mg l-tryptophan, 1,000 mg thiamine, 1,000 mg inositol, 500 mg riboflavin, 400 mg magnesium, 400 mg vitamin B6 and 36 mg valerian root extract.
Pellets are ideal for daily use to help keep horses focused and calm when maintaining a regular training and competition schedule. Directions: 1 scoop daily; for Performance Horses administer 1 hour before event; for Transportation administer 1 hour before trailering and every 8 hours as needed. 1 oz scoop enclosed. 1.625 lbs = 26 day supply.


Pellets- 1.625lbs



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