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Wintec Bates Easy Change Gullet System Set

$ 124.99

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The Easy-Change Gullet System provides the flexibility of changing the fit of a saddle to suit a horse's changing shape. This means you don't need to buy a saddle for every horse you own and you don't need to buy a new saddle for a new horse. You can easily determine the correct gullet width for your horse with an Easy-Measure Gullet Gauge.

This set includes 5 gullets (YELLOW for Narrow, GREEN for Medium Narrow, BLUE for Medium Wide, RED for wide or WHITE for extra wide) and the Easy Measure Gauge.

The Black (MEDIUM) Gullet is not included in this set. It usually ships standard when you purchase any of the Bates / Wintec / Collegiate saddles equipped with the Easy Change Gullet System.

All gullets are also available for purchase individually.