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Wintec Elastic Girth with CAIR SHORT

$ 143.99

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The WINTEC ELASTIC GIRTH with CAIR is scientifically proven to dramatically improve your horse's comfort and performance. Designed with an extended bottom area to protect your horse's belly from the impact of studs during strenuous activities. The Central CAIR Cushion reduces instances of girth pain, by providing symmetrical give for the horse's expanding chest, substantially increasing the bearing area and offering a fluid cushioning for the horse's working muscles. It is shaped to distribute weight over a maximum bearing area where the horse can take the pressure and is designed on the round to naturally follow the curves of the horse, ensuring an even contact along the entire length of girth.  Black or Brown, 24" - 38"

 * ALSO AVAILABLE IN LONG 40" - 56" (see separate product listing)