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Wunder Hoof Growth Stimulant and Conditioner 16oz ***

$ 26.95

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    • 100% natural ingredients
    • Absorbs quickly and easily into the skin
    • Naturally stimulates hoof growth and overall condition of the hoof
    • Relieves pain and has anti-bacterial qualities to promote healing and improve soundness

All Natural Wunder Hoof is unlike any other hoof care product on the market. Wunder hoof is made up of 100% all natural ingredients, and is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin. Naturally stimulating hoof growth and improving the overall condition of the hoof. Wunder hoof’s pain relieving and anti-bacterial quality promote healing and improves soundness to the hooves. Wunder Hoof is free from irritating ingredients and will not cause blistering.
Wunder Hoof, not just for hooves…also aids in the treatment of; Scars, hair growth, saddle sores, scrapes, scabs, small cuts, arthritic and sore joints and also repels insects from treatment area. This Product has had Proven Success For Over 35 Years !!!!


Apple Wunder Hoof by hand or stiff medicine brush once daily to horses hooves one inch above and below the coronary band (hairline) completely around the hoof. Once inch on the hair and one inch on the hoof daily.

If applied once daily, wunder hoof will improve the overall condition of the hoof and increase growth rate by more then 50%.

If coronary band are begins to turn white at the hairline, this is normal and is proof that Wunder Hoof is working!

Natural fats, essential oils, eucalyptus, kokum butter, camphor (active) 2.5%

Avoid contact with other hoof care products such as oil, ointments, dressings, lacquer, paint or dealer during Wunder Hoof treatments. Keep out of the reach of children, for external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Store in a cool place. For animal use only.