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By: Maggie Carty

It is officially summertime and the weather is hot!  With horse shows on the calendar, I took the past weekend to really clean out my tack trunk, so it isn’t so heavy when I hoist it into the trailer.  I like to be prepared for anything, but I don’t think I will need my quarter sheet and a heavy turnout for a summer schooling show!

It’s super important to step into the show ring with clean tack, and clean tack lasts longer! So break out the toothbrushes and saddle soap!  Take your bridle completely apart; scrub your bit with a cloth and warm water - the whole nine yards, including oiling it all after it is clean.  If you have rubber stirrup pads, scrub those with a toothbrush also; it doesn’t look picture perfect with muddy pads on a clean horse with clean tack! Wash your saddle pads with equine-friendly detergent, and make sure your show clothes are dry-cleaned and ready.

After all your tack is ready to roll – empty out the trunk itself.  Spraying or wiping out your box keeps everything from having dust and little bits of hay all over it. Then, grab your brushes and put them in a bucket of hot water with Dawn dish soap or a cap full of bleach. “Stir” it around so the soap can stimulate all the brushes and then set them in the sun to dry.  I go as far to have a “show” grooming bag with show sheen, braiding supplies and extra fly spray also.  

Lastly, when I’m done packing the trailer I imagine tacking up and getting dressed.  Do I have all the pieces that I need? Or will I be showing without a girth tomorrow? I picture my horse ready and expand from there.  I also utilize this checklist, to make sure everything is ready to go. Happy showing!

About our blogger: Maggie Carty is a brand ambassador for The Carousel Horse. Maggie is a recent graduate of Seton Hill University where she competed for, and was the captain of their IHSA team. Maggie actively horse shows in the tri-state area.

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