June 2017 Educational Seminar Recap: Equine Gastric Health

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The Carousel Horse welcome Elaina Eppinger, Purina Animal Nutrition Lifestyle Product Specialist, and Kayla Burgess of the Pittsburgh Agway Group as they presented a fun, interactive seminar on Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome.

Their presentation touched on a variety of topics including contributing factors associated with gastric discomfort:

Environment/stress related

  • Elevated exercise level and intensity
  • Performance and racing
  • Hectic training environment
  • Nervous disposition
  • Trailering
  • Lack of turnout
  • Lack of direct contact with other horses
  • Talk radio (vs. music) playing in barn
  • Thoroughbred breed
  • Previous gastric ulcer diagnosis

    Management/diet related

    • Lack of pasture access
    • Fasting
    • Large meals with high starch content
    • Greater than 6 hours between meals
    • Inadequate forage quality and quantity
    • Stall kept or on stall rest
    • Water deprivation/intermittent access
    • Use of paste electrolytes or electrolytes in water
    • Use of NSAIDs for a prolonged period of time

      Signs associated with gastric discomfort

      • Poor appetite
      • Picky eating
      • Poor body condition
      • Weight loss
      • Chronic diarrhea
      • Poor coat condition
      • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
      • Behavioral changes
        • Aggression
        • Nervous behaviors
        • Side biting
        • “Girthiness”
      • Acute or recurrent colic
      • Poor performance

        Treatment and management tips

        • Anticipate stressful events (such as travel, competition or intense training)
        • Provide a peaceful environment for your horse, eliminate excessive traffic and noise in the barn
        • Provide as much turnout as possible, preferably with one or more horses
        • Provide enrichment items, such as toys and mirrors
        • Keep a regular schedule for feeding, grooming, exercise etc.
        • Provide continuous access to clean fresh water
        • Avoid the use of paste and water soluble electrolytes
        • Practice good parasite control
        • Always consult with your veterinarian before administering NSAIDs
        • Utilize slow-feeder hay nets if horses are stalled

          Feeding management recommendations

          • Never allow more than 6 hours of fasting
          • Provide frequent access to good quality hay and pasture
          • Incorporate alfalfa hay into the diet
          • 1-2 lbs at regular 5-6 hour intervals
          • Feed small frequent meals (3 to 6 per day)
          • Provide continuous access to water

            If you missed out on this seminar, be sure to follow us on social media for announcements on upcoming events at the store.

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            Horse Camp Checklist

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            Is your horse-crazy child looking forward to the end of school and the start of horse camp? Their days will be filled with good rides, best friends and memorable experiences. Keep in mind, these days at camp are way more involved than your weekly lesson. Your child may be riding a few times each day. They may be taking part in horse care activities including bathing, feeding and stall cleaning. And you want to be sure they are safe and properly dressed for the days ahead. Use our horse camp checklist to make sure your child is geared up and ready to go!

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            Spring Cleaning - Spring Inspection

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            How often do you inspect your tack? I will be the first to admit, I’m not very good at cleaning my schooling tack, so I’m clearly not very good at inspecting it with a fine-tooth comb. I (might) get to it once a week. There are others who are much better, and clean after every ride – and I’m talking soap and conditioner! For my once a week regimen, I’m usually running late, so I grab a damp towel and do a quick once-over to get off the first layer of dirt and grime.

            BUT, I know how important it is. We spend a lot of money on leather strap goods – even schooling tack. So it goes without saying, we need to do a better job of caring for it.

            Case in point – last weekend, as I was prepping for a horse show, I removed the stirrups from my saddle to give it a good cleaning. My good, name brand, stirrup leathers have worn through the first layer of leather in one spot, and the nylon inner-layer is showing. Not good.

            I move on to scrubbing my irons. They were looking pretty dull, and needed a good shine. As I am standing at the sink scrubbing away, I pushed down on my flex stirrup to get off a mud spot, when suddenly the rubber flex joint disintegrates right in front of my eyes!

            Now, I’ve been riding in these stirrups for about 10 years, and yes, rubber tends to dry-rot. But could you imagine if this critical piece of tack broke when I was going over a jump?!

            You might be saying – you shouldn’t ride in the flex stirrups (so many pros/cons) but that’s neither here nor there… My point is that I should have caught this earlier. I should have known that my stirrups were on their last leg. It shouldn’t have happened the day before I left for a horse show, which left me scrambling to run out and buy a pair.

            It’s time to spring clean. INSPECT those bridles. INSPECT those saddles. Don’t just do a wipe down and assume everything is OK. Check the stitching, the keepers, the buckles. If you wouldn’t feel comfortable walking into the show ring with it, it’s time to invest in a new item or get it repaired.

            Give your strap goods a good soak in oil. We tend to soap or condition, but much like our own skin, the winter weather can dry out your leather. Spring is the perfect time to give a soak and put back the moisture and suppleness that has been lost.

            Ironically, after my stirrup/leather incident, this video popped up in my Facebook newsfeed from Crown Sport Horses -

            Could you imagine losing BOTH stirrups on cross country? Props to her, but I am willing to bet there is a groom out there who no longer has as job since they forgot to inspect a very important piece of tack…

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            2016 Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide!

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            Looking for that perfect gift to give? Looking for the top trends and items to add to YOUR holiday wish list? Check out The Carousel Horse's 2016 Equestrian Holiday Gift Guide - ideas courtesy of those who know our products best, our employees!

            Nicki Thoma - Accounting

            Favorite stocking stuffers:

            EquiFUSE Gleam - Who doesn't love a shiny mane and tail? Your horse would really appreciate it! All of the EquiFUSE products make wonderful stocking stuffers!




            Horze Happy Face Brush This brush is perfect for sensitive areas of your horse’s face, ears, and neck.  Attractive print makes a statement in any grooming tote. Part of the Happy Horze collection.



            Uncle Jimmy’s Big Licky - A delicious horse treat created to give your horse the same fun, entertaining value as Uncle Jimmy’s Hangin’ Balls, but with less mess and stickiness.



            Favorite gifts to give:

            Noble Outfitters Wine Down Corkscrew Noble Outfitters has put a new twist on the old hoof pick - a corkscrew! A great gift for your favorite horse person and fellow wine-o!




            Noble Outfitters On the Bit Bracelet - An adjustable bracelet highlighting a beautifully crafted snaffle bit on the front. The padding detail comes in four different combinations to wear for any occasion - from street to stable!




            Ariat Ring Backpack - This bag is the jack-of-all-trades! Helmet sling, crop holder, laptop/tablet sleeve, cell phone access and charger pockets, insulated bottle pocket, hot/cold pack, spur ring, organizer pocket panels and wet/dirty clothes pocket! Any horse person will LOVE this!


            Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

            HKM Roma Loop Scarf - The PERFECT fashion scarf, pairs with just about any outfit! Super soft and comfy!



            Ariat Arrow Graphic Tee - I LOVE this tee! And you will too. A great, trendy jersey tee to wear just about anywhere!




            Beth Bolin - Merchandising

            Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

            OneK Helmets - I am a huge fan of the ONE K helmets and Carousel has a great selection to choose from.  The helmets are lightweight, have a low profile that looks great on everyone and a style for every discipline of riding.  Whatever your style, be it bling or a little more reserved ONE K has the perfect option for every rider


            Tredstep Boots - I have difficulty finding a tall boot that fits properly...until I tried Tredstep. The boots fit perfectly, broke in beautifully after only a few days and have held up through lots of time in the saddle.  A nicely priced boot with a great fit!



            Holly Smail - Online Product Manager

            Favorite stocking stuffers:

            German Horse Muffins - Don't forget about your favorite pony or horse during the holidays!  The sweet, chewy muffins are a mix of sweet feed and molasses with added nutrients.  These are our best selling treat, and they are all natural and made in the USA.  



            Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

            Ovation Alistair Boot - These boots are stylish and useful for everything from the barn to shopping. The lace up the sides is great for people who need a wider calf size as they will open up to give an inch or two more space. The mix of black and brown leather is perfect for matching all colors. As a bonus, they are fully waterproof!


            Joules Warmheart Quilted Feather Down Jacket - I love the deep, vibrant teal color with the pop of gold zippers and buttons on this coat. The photos just don't do it justice. It is lightweight enough for a nice fall day, but the down/feather fill will keep you warm for a colder winter day!



            Ariat REAL Riding Jeans – Featuring the Skinny Whipstich - Skinny jeans are wonderful for winter when you are wearing boots to stomp through the snow. No more having to fold and shove your bootcut jeans into your boots! With Ariat being a riding and a fashion company, these jeans are perfect for riding or for wearing out to dinner. They fit like designer jeans, and you can't beat the price for nice denim. Plus, they have that perfect amount of stretch without stretching out!

            Renee Stearns - Customer Service

            Favorite stocking stuffers:

            Gift Horse Candles - The "barn" themed scented candles remind every equestrian of their favorite places; from the trails, to the fields, to the hay loft.


            Favorite gifts to give:

            Custom Engraving - An engraved Perri's Leather bracelet with yours or your horse's name on it because it's personal and can be worn with just about any outfit. (in store only). Other engraving options are available online.

            Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

            Paul & Lydia Wallet - I like to replace my wallet every few years, this one is so cute and has so many slots for credit cards, gift cards, and rewards cards. I love the design and feel of the outer material of the wallet. Paul and Lydia makes items that coordinate, so be sure to check out their other items too!


            Kim Sasse - Owner

            Favorite stocking stuffers:

            Willie Bakery’s line of Winter / Seasonal Treats - New seasonal treats just in from Willie Bakery, such as Frosty Biscotti, SnowCream Muffins, and Horseshoe Cookies to fill the stockings at the barn!



            Favorite gifts to give:

            Old World Christmas Ornaments –  They are lovely, glittering pieces of art to hang on your tree and a treasured keepsake for years to come.




            Ogilvy Baby Pad - Its unique design means it stays where it needs to without rubbing, is protected with stain resistance and is anti-bacterial / anti fungal on the inside.  Plus, dries quickly after use and wicks moisture away from your horse’s back..  Super fun to play with all the color combinations available, but Carousel has tons of in-stock options ready to ship immediately.

            Favorites for YOUR wishlist:

            Noble Outfitters Element Cowl – The perfect shirt for all occasions; casual Fridays at work with a pair of jeans and boots, or with your favorite tights for a comfy Sunday at home.




            Kerrits Horseplay Vest - Not just your basic black vest, this vest is quilted with a chevron and horse stitching to give it lovely detail.  It’s slim, flattering fit won’t add bulk, just warmth and style.  Perfect for stable to street!

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            THANK YOU!

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            As we head into November, we approach our first anniversary as a brick and mortar! While we have been an online store for many years, this was certainly a new, exciting venture for us!

            We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, near and far, for your support of our small business. We are growing, and it is thanks to you!

            This year, we’ve tried some new things!

            • We welcomed a wonderful group of Brand Ambassadors who have become the face of our brand. These individuals have a sparkling enthusiasm for everything equestrian and are committed to representing our company and culture.
            • We started a free, in-store educational seminar series, and welcomed many top equine professionals to share their knowledge and experience with our clients. Topics included Lameness Exam and Protocols, presented by Merck Animal Health and Harmony Equine Veterinary Services; Equine Law, presented by Williams & Hannon, PLLC; and Proper Blanketing, presented by WeatherBeeta. (If you missed any of these seminars, we have recaps in our previous blog posts). We look forward to bringing more great topics and speakers to the store in 2017.
            • We’ve extended our support to local IHSA, IEA and non-profit equestrian groups through our Sponsorship and Fundraising Program. When a team or organization signs up for sponsorship with The Carousel Horse, we donate 5% back to the team in sponsorship money when any member or affiliate shops with The Carousel Horse. Teams and groups can join at any time!
            • We hosted a number of in-store shopping events! From our Valentine’s Lonely Hearts Sale to our Summer Tent Sale, and a NUMBER of events in-between, our customers shopped til they dropped and made these events a huge success! We also welcomed a number of brand reps, who hosted Trunk Shows and shared their great products!

            We have brought on new brands and vendors, meeting the requests and growing needs of our customers. We would like to also take this opportunity to thank many of our reps, for being so responsive and helpful! Remember, if you don’t see a specific product in-store or on the website, but we carry the brand, we can likely get it for you!

            As we look ahead to 2017, we hope to bring you more great shopping and equestrian experiences. Because, like you, we are riders, owners and horse lovers and understand the need for quality products at affordable prices.

            Join us November 10-12, at the store for our Customer Appreciation/Anniversary Celebration Event!

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            Fall Florals for the Equestrian

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            Fall is here – our favorite! And floral prints have made their way from summer into some of our favorite fall pieces! From breeches to show shirts, boots and more, work florals into your fall #ROOTD. Check out some of our favorites:

            RJ Classics has a variety of show shirts with floral accents! Have a little fun in the show ring!

            Joules' fall and winter collection adds florals to coats, scarves, boots and sweatshirts. Shop their full collection to see more!


            Ariat never fails to impress! Their Women’s’ Blush Top, Dusty Rose X Toe Boot and Kix Poseidon Hoodie all add a touch of winter floral to your wardrobe!

            HKM  adds subtle details to their Paris Bloom Breeches and Pairs FLower Rubber Boots.

            Noble Outfitters Womens' Over The Calf Peddies come in a variety of patterns, but snag yourself up a pair of these - a customer favorite!

            Jenny Krauss Handmade Floral Belts are the perfect addition to your style, whether you are at the barn, or heading for a night out. 

            Mix and match your florals and solids for schooling and show looks that can't be beat! Share your looks on our Facebook page, or tag us using #ShopCHT!

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            Adulting Amateur - Never Stop Learning

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            By: Maggie Carty

            Last November, I moved my horse to my friend’s facility when my trainer moved to Florida. I was in my last semester of college, balancing my riding with school work, interning, working, and competing IHSA. With winter break approaching, I wanted to accomplish something that I had constantly failed at: having a round horse.  

            This may sound like something I should have taken care of when my horse was younger, and believe me, I wish I would have, but I just didn't get it – the importance of a solid dressage foundation.

            Let’s start from the beginning: I grew up riding a lot of different horses, taking them swimming in ponds, running around the woods, and of course jumping anything and everything that was put in front of me, with or without a saddle. I got to the point where I was better bareback over fences than I was with tack. I spent a lot of time in the air and I loved every second of it, but when I went to show on the flat I did not perform well.  Nothing says “winner” like getting two blue ribbons over fences and nothing in the hack. My little horse has consistent, smooth gaits but that doesn't matter when her nose is flying around in the air and her ears are pinned with a hollow back.  

            So, I began my mission. My greatest friend has a dressage background, and agreed to help me. We started incredibly slow, and eventually I got Paige to take TWO steps not evading the bit. Two steps walking slowly became a twenty meter circle in December. Yes, an entire month to walk correctly. Trotting was a whole new ball game, because now Paige had to go faster and keep it all together (while her pilot was learning too). Finally, and surprisingly the easiest, was cantering.  We are not perfect, but it is amazing the transformation we have gone through (see photo exhibits A and B). Her jump is so much rounder, her top line is defined, and I won my first hack! 

            It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done under saddle, but it is so worth it!  Now, I don't roll my eyes at the thought of a flat class.  I have an interest in dressage at mini trials, and I genuinely enjoy my horse’s more powerful, balanced gaits. Needless to say, without my good friend, her talents and guidance, I would have never reached my goal. 

            Making time to develop our riding skills can be challenging, especially with work and/or school schedules, but in the end it truly does pay off.  All the cold days when I didn't want to ride, I just remembered how much I wanted to better myself and my horse. 

            As equestrians, we should continuously want to learn and grow! Ride with new trainers. Take advantage of clinicians. Read books. If you feel like you have plateaued, look for a new challenge! And don’t ever think you can’t teach an old horse new tricks!


            About our blogger: Maggie Carty is a brand ambassador for The Carousel Horse. Maggie is a recent graduate of Seton Hill University where she competed for, and was the captain of their IHSA team. Maggie actively horse shows in the tri-state area.

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