25 Burdens of Equestrians

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By: Gabriela Reutter

1. Weird tan lines 

-severe farmer's tan
-gloves tan
-helmet tan

2. Early wake ups & long days
-ever heard of a 5:30am wake up to ride a horse before showing?
-we get to see pretty sunrises though!

      3. What social life?
      -between going away for horse shows, long days, and early wake ups, it is hard to keep a steady social life during horse show seasons
        4. Giving up brunch
        -I'd rather go ride my horses though
          5. Trying to stay clean
          -green slobber on a white show shirt
          -boot polish on yourself
          -brown saddle stuff
              6. No money for anything else
              -everything is spent on the horses. everything.
                7. Bad luck
                -barely touched a fence and knocked it all down?
                -had to go first in a 100 rider class? yeah it happens to all of us
                  8. Horse fragility
                  -they look so tough but they are so fragile!
                    9. Shavings everywhere
                    -and hay. and dust. and horse hair.
                      10. Pale legs
                      -because they never see the light of day
                        11. Dealing with people who say riding isn't a sport
                        -"you just have to sit there" umm... you go ahead and try it and THEN try to tell me that again. thanks.
                          12. Trying to find nap places in horse shows
                          -quiet, somewhat comfortable, hidden... 
                              13. The pain in wearing the wrong underwear in no stirrups
                              -if you've done this then you know what I mean.

                                  14. Breaking in new boots
                                    15. Everything is so expensive
                                    -from $300 breeches to vet bills to horse show splits, money is drained from you in this sport
                                      16. Hairnets
                                      -yes, it looks like I work at McDonald's but it looks good with a helmet on, ok?

                                          17.Smelly things
                                          -horse sweat + human sweat = not a good smell
                                            18. Sand everywhere when you fall
                                            -yep, you will find it days after - behind your ears, in your hair, etc.
                                                19. Knocking the first jump down, or worse... the last
                                                -just ugh.
                                                  20. Crowded warm-up rings
                                                  -when "heads up" becomes “really?!”
                                                    21. Awkward faces in pics
                                                    -the "Oh" or the "shit that definitely wasn't the right distance”
                                                        22. Bad falls that shake your confidence
                                                        -we've all been there, but the best is getting up and regaining it!

                                                            23. Not being able to be mad at your horse
                                                            -he's just so cute and ahhhhhh!

                                                                24. When you are beaten by 0.000001
                                                                -like seriously?!
                                                                  25. The looks people give you when you wear your riding clothes in public
                                                                  -"umm yeah, I know that my tight grey pants go with my over-my-pants rainbow unicorn socks, white sneakers, pink belt and black polo shirt okay?!"

                                                                      About our guest blogger:
                                                                      Gaby Reutter is a Carousel Horse Brand Ambassador. Gaby is a 21 year old jumper rider from Chile, training for the next Pan-American games. She trains with Chris Kappler. She is a student at NYU and rides in New Jersey. She has three horses at the moment: Juanita, Biallon & Checker 34 and is actively showing in the  Medium & High Amateurs. Check out Gaby's personal blog at MyRideInBalance.com. 

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