Top Winter Must Haves: For The Horse

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So since we had a Top Winter Must Haves Rider Edition last month, here is the Horse Edition! These products help keep that special horse in your life warm and happy this winter. Whether you use one or all, your horse is sure to love you.

1. Weatherbeeta Freestyle 1200D Detach A Neck Medium Turnout


 1200D Triple Weave outer shell is tough and long lasting
*Waterproof and Breathable fabric keeps your horse dry and comfortable all winter long
*220g polyfill medium weight
*Detach-a-Neck style connects easily with touch-tape
*Freestyle Gusset is forwardly placed to allow the horse's front legs to move freely
*Freestyle Shoulder Dart cups the shoulder perfectly to stop blanket rubs
*Freestyle Tail Flap is darted on the sides so the horse's tail is free to move. Extra large cut protects from wind and rain
*New Snug Fit fleece collar fully seals off the Detach-a-Neck from windy, wet weather
*Comfort Cuff offers padding and warmth in the neck area
*Wither Relief Pad lifts the blanket off the horse's wither and mane
*Quick Clip Front Closure offers 10 fit options for a custom fit and easy on/off
*Rust Resistant Fittings handle winter weather with ease
*Reflective Panels to easily spot your horse at night
*Removable web/elastic leg straps keep everything in place, and stretch and move with your horse

Colors: Blue/Gray Plaid(add$10), Black/Blue, Denim/Navy/White

Sizes: 66-87(66 only available in Denim/Navy/White)


2. Horze Ricky Fleece Rug


Breathable, super soft functional fleece. Great fit with high neck, 2 chest buckles and 2 surcingles. Embroidered Z on front left shoulder.

Sizes: 66", 69", 72"


3. Dura Tech Cashmelon Contour Cooler


Very soft, 100% acrylic waffle knit cooler is wonderful in any season. Material wicks away moisture quickly for drying after baths or cooling out safely after workouts. Contour shaped for great fit. Detachable tail cord, low surcingle. Velcro tabs from throat to chest. Color: Navy / Light Blue Plaid. Sizes: Medium (fits 70-76) or Large (76-80), X-Large (82-86).


4.  Ultraflex Lycra Tail Bag


Smooth, stretchy lycra tail bag to protect your clean, braided tail. Self-ties hold bag in place. Washable. 24" long. Colors: Black, Navy, Burgundy, Purple, or Green.


5. Horze Sheepskin Halter Tubing Kit


Sheepskin covers for halters add an extra style and comfort. Perfect for horses with sensitive skin. Sold in sets of 4: 1 noseband, 1 crown piece, 2 cheek pieces. Colors: Brown or White.


 6. Horze Advanced ProTec Boot Set


The Horze® ProTec Horse Boot Set offers effective leg protection that increases performance levels. This complete set comes with front tendon boots and hind fetlock boots!

These boots are specially designed for increased freedom with soft padded lining and a low cut on the top.  Velcro closures. Brown or White.


7. Uncle Jimmys Hangin Balls


A treat for all classes of horses. Horses standing in stalls can suffer from stall boredom with symptoms such as stall walking, weaving, cribbing, kicking and chewing. This ball can help eliminate these problems. Your horse will spend hours trying to lick and grab great tasting treat. Not only is it great tasting, but it is also packed with vitamins and minerals essential for a horse's everyday needs. One ball can last from a week to a month, depending on the aggressiveness of the horse and how you hang the ball.

Flavors: Apple, Carrot, Peppermint, and Molasses.


8. UltraFlex Full Body Lycra Slicker With Full Zipper


Made of durable 8 oz lycra

High quality full separating zipper for easy on/off from muzzle to base of chest

Lycra sheet attachment features a bellyband, detachable elastic leg straps

Great as a blanket liner, show prep sheet on hot days

Colors: Black, Navy

Sizes: Small (64-70), Medium (70-74), Large (76-80), X-Large (80-86)


9. Premier Saratoga Padded Leather Halter


A beautiful new handmade stable halter crafted of 1" durable, brown bridle leather with attractive soft black padding for added comfort on nose, cheeks and crown. Double adjustable crown, snap at throat and adjustable curb. Brass hardware. Sizes: Cob, Full Size, Thoroughbred


10. Brittanys Bran Mash


Besides being so deliciously beautiful, this bran mash for horses is all natural and made with the freshest ingredients.  Each bag is hand packaged in a clean and sterile operating facility to ensure quality and freshness.

Feeding a horse warm bran mash is an equestrian tradition that has been passed down for generations. Not only is bran mash a comfort food, but it is a great way to help hydrate, hide medicines, supplements and vegetable oil or mineral oil from a picky horse.  Making a warm and delicious bran mash is so rewarding.  Your horse will smile.

3 Delicious Flavors!  Absolutely Apple, Crazy Carrot, or Peppermint Pucker



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